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Home Models Big bird - low wing trainer

Big bird - low wing trainer

Built: June 2001 
Type: Low wing trainer
Wingspan: 48 inch
Weight: 4.5 lb
Power: Glow 0.4 ci

This was the first RC plane I built from kit (or rather from pieces of balsa based on provided plans) that actually flew very well.  It did fly well for low wing trainer (it's called "the second plane"). 

Unfortunately one day I found that the battery pack was not secured enough and wire broke disconnecting power from the receiver. The last descent was straight down and the plane landed engine down.  R.I.P.

Big Bird was designed as a low wing trainer.  She had standard four channels (ailerons, elevator, ruder and throttle) plus additional channel for mechanical flaperon mixer. At 48 inches wingspan the plane came out at 4.5 lb.  Three standard Hitec servos (HS-422) for elevator, throttle and ruder, and two mini servos (HS-81) for ailerons and flaperon mixer. Glow engine COMO-40 powered MA 10x6 prop.