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Home Models SIG Kadet LT-40

SIG Kadet LT-40

Built: July 2001 
Type: High wing trainer
Wingspan: 70 inch
Weight: 5.5 lb
Power: Glow 0.4 ci

It was the first RC plane that I learned to fly. I have put it together from excellent ARF kit by SIG Mfg. I believe it it the best "trainer" plane for learning to fly.  She performs all basic maneuvers without a problem, doesn't have any bad tendencies and she is very forgiving for pilot mistakes.  I video gallery there is short video showing my first take off and first landing with that plane. 

For many years she was used not only for training and practicing but also as a on-board video platform, dropping parachutes and towing small gliders.  In 2009 during the training flight teacher did not react fast enough to student's error and at fool speed the plane hit the ground with its wing.  Damages were so serious, that it was not worth it to repair the plane.  Then I have replaced Sig Kadet LT-40 with new built Spadet.

Sig Kadet LT-40 is a high wing trainer.   She had standard four channels (ailerons, elevator, ruder and throttle). At 70 inches wingspan the plane came out at 5.5 lb.  Four standard Hitec servos (HS-422) for ailerons, elevator, throttle and ruder. Glow engine calss 40 powered MA 10x6 prop.  During years I changed the powerplant starting with OS-LA40, later COMO-40, and finally Magnum XL-40.