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Home Models Glider DAdams

Glider DAdams

Built: May 2002 
Type: Glider
Wingspan: 30.5 inch
Weight: 3.5 oz
Power: None

There were few times when I was trying my RC flying skills with gliders.  One of them was when the first time I found info about DAdams on Matthew J Litke website.  DAdams has been designed as a small hand launch glider controlled by two channels. Matthew designed it with V-Tail but it was easy to convert to classical tail, and that variant I used.  Other than that I built this plane without major modification. I was planing to tow this glider behind a plane or use a bungee launch so for additional strength I built the wing with carbon fiber heading and trailing edge.  There are no ailerons in that glider.  Two HS-55 servos were used: one for ruder and one for elevator.  

This glider flew very well with no bad habits.  Because of bulky-boxy fuselage it had no so great glide ratio but still fun to fly.  I used bungee launch, but it did not give me long flight.  It tried tow it behind little Wilga, however that small plane did not have enough power, and the experiment failed.  I switch to bigger plane and I found, that Modeltech Magic 3D was a perfect tug for DAdams.

After some time other projects and interests took priority and DAdams has been retired.