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The passion of flying

The passion of flyingThank you for visiting my website. This place is dedicated to my passion - flying airplanes. You will find here all kind of materials related to building and flying radio controlled model airplanes as well as related to full scale general aviation. Some of my materials you may have seen on other places like the polish forum "Virtual Club of RC Modelers" www.alexrc.pl, international forum related to radio controlled modeling www.rcuniverse.com or my local club website (Mather Aerospace Modelers) at www.masmrc.com. I don't even try to organize the material in logical, or chronological order. But despite of that please come back often and you may see something interesting popping up.

How did it start? Hmmm... Probably I could say, like many hobbyist usually start their "story of my life": "When I was a little boy I always wanted to..." or "Since I remember...". It is not a point, to be original. It's just something you dream about, something you want to do but you can't as you need to take care of everyday life. And one day you make a decision, and you say to yourself "now or never". Despite of all obstacles, you just do it, and from that point it goes easy. This is how I started.

RC flying My first breakthrough was in summer 2000,when I decided to build and fly radio controlled model planes. I joined Mather Aerospace Modelers, a local RC club where I found friendly people who helped me in my first steps. Less Gillet did a maiden flight with my first model Big Bird 40 - that day I found how "squirrelly" model flies. Dic Laydick thought me to fly RC planes, and thanks to buddy box setup he saved my trainer so many times. At MASM I learned to build and fly RC model planes for what I am so thankful to my club buddies. I really enjoy being a member of that group: "MASM, the RC flying at its best".

The second breakthrough came in fall 2006, when for the first time in my life I took a sit in little private plane. I have been traveling as a passenger of big and small jet airliners, but I have never been it a small private plane, sitting in co-pilot sit, where I could feel the plane.

Flying with Ed It was a short recreational flight in Cessna 172 piloted by Ed Roper, my college from the office. That day I made up my mind - I will fly. Six month later having logged over 60 hours in Cessna 152 with "the best flight instructor" Sean O'Larry I passed the FAA check ride and received a Private Pilot License. Membership at Cal Aggie Flying Farmers gives me an opportunity to fly our planes and receive additional training from our instructors.

So I have a pleasure of flying RC models as well as full scale aircraft, but safety always takes the first priority. This way I have been trained at MASM and Call Aggie. Flying the plane if amazing experience and a lot of fun, as long as you fly safe. I keep in mind the warning that came from the first pilot in the word, Icarus, who forgot, that the most important phase of flight is safe landing.

I wish you all then the same number of landings as take offs. I mean that kind of landing, after which both pilot and the aircraft are able to take off for the next flight.