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Home Videos Test run Poulan 25cc converted for RC

Test run Poulan 25cc converted for RC

That video shows the first test run of the gasoline engine extracted from weed-whacker Poulan 25 and then converted for RC model airplane.  I wanted to know what power I could get of that cheap 25cc engine and if I can use it for model airplanes.  The engine showed OK performance at least for the price I paid.  The engine shown on the video still has heavy flywheel, magneto ignition and original muffler.  Later I converted it to glow ignition, added RC style lightweight muffler and replaced carburetor with bigger bore Walbro.  The final version powers CoroCub - giant scale J3 Piper Cub built of SPAD plans.  I hope you will enjoy this video.

Click on the black box below to play the video.