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Home Videos Coro-Cub - giant scale SPAD J3 Cub

Coro-Cub - giant scale SPAD J3 Cub

Giant scale SPAD J3 Piper Cub (86 inch wingspan) flying at Mather Aerospace Modelers field. This was a maiden flight for that plane as well as for weed-whacker engine Poulan 25cc converted to RC gasoline engine with glow plug ignition.  The cool thing is, that the engine runs on gasoline, but uses glow plug ignition. Coro-Cub was built on 25% scaled up plans from SPAD website.  The plane came up at about 15lb and with wing area of 1300sq inches makes reasonable wing loading at 26lb/sq ft.  The plane performed quite well and the engine proved to be quite reliable too.  I hope you will enjoy this video.

Click on the black box below to play the video.